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Air Quality


Urban Crossroads provides a full suite...

of air quality consulting services including air quality, greenhouse gas, and health risk assessment technical services to meet national, state, and various local compliance standard requirements. Services range from providing CEQA-level technical support to post-entitlement permitting and compliance.

Air Quality Analysis

In determining potential air quality impacts, Urban Crossroads utilizes industry-standard models to study the source-specific pollutant regional and localized emissions. Our staff has extensive experience using United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Air Dispersion models, including AERMOD; and air quality models accepted for use in California including CalEEMod, EMFAC, CALINE4, and CAL3QHC.

Greenhouse Gas

Urban Crossroads has been advising clients on greenhouse gas and climate change since the passage of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32). Our staff has been at the forefront working both collaboratively and tirelessly with local agencies and project proponents on how best to address greenhouse gases in CEQA documents due to the evolving nature and lack of technical guidance. We are also actively involved in the development of Climate Action Plans (CAPs) for local jurisdictions as well as in GHG reporting for AB32 and US EPA’s GHG Reporting Program.

Health Risk Assessment

Whether a project is adjacent to an existing freeway or results in toxic air contaminants as a result of project construction or operations, Urban Crossroads staff has extensive experience with the analysis and mitigation of air toxics and health risks. We have a strong technical background in the preparation of air toxic health risk assessments. Our staff utilizes industry-standard modeling methodology including AERMOD and HARP to accurately determine if potential health impacts may occur as a result of a project.

Energy Analysis

Urban Crossroads staff is also at the forefront of addressing potential energy impacts as required by CEQA. Energy Analysis Reports are commonly required to satisfy CEQA and ensure that the energy implications of a proposed project are considered through the quantification of anticipated energy usage associated with the construction and operation of a proposed project, as well as a determination of whether the project results in an efficient, typical, or wasteful use of energy.

Air Quality Permitting & Compliance

Urban Crossroads provides a wide array of air compliance services, including Title V federal permitting support and local air district permitting for a variety of commercial and industrial sources from engines to paint booths, and gasoline service stations throughout California. Our staff also has extensive experience in the preparation and submittal of emission inventories using both HARP and air district reporting tools, as well as the preparation of AB2588 Air Toxics “Hot Spots” health risk assessments. More recently, Urban Crossroads staff has been providing consulting services in response to the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD’S) passage of the Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions (WAIRE) Rule 2305 which affects all warehouse uses over 100,000 square feet of space.